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A common question for prospective clients is “How much will this cost?”. In true lawyer fashion, the answer is “It depends.” Attorneys Williams & Jorden try to make fee arrangements that are reasonable for both sides.

Hourly Fees

There are several ways that attorneys can charge for their services. In many circumstances, the easiest way is for the attorney to work for an hourly fee. The hourly rate your attorney charges will depend on many factors, including the attorney’s level of experience, and the complexity of your case.

Since no two cases are exactly alike, it can be very difficult to predict how many hours it will take to resolve your matter. However, your attorney should keep you informed as your case progresses. In most instances, the attorney will request a retainer, which will be deposited into a trust account, and as the attorney spends time on your case, his fees will be withdrawn from the trust account. 

Flat Fees

One alternative to the standard billable hour is the flat fee arrangement. Occasionally, attorneys will provide their services for a flat fee. In these cases, the attorney will tell you, in advance, the amount of fees you will incur.

Contingency Fees

Contingency fees are another method that your attorney can be paid for his or her services. In contingency fee cases, the attorney takes a percentage of the recovery from your case. Contingency fees are forbidden in certain types of cases but are the most commonly used arrangement in other types of cases. Again, the specific percentage that an attorney will request depends on many factors.

Attorneys Williams & Jorden make an effort to accommodate the specific situations their clients face and come to an arrangement on fees that works for them. They also have the capability of accepting debit and credit cards in addition to cash or check.

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