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Attorneys Williams & Jorden represent clients who are purchasing, selling, or refinancing a home; negotiating a lease on commercial or residential property; or litigating issues that arise from real estate transactions.

Attorney Williams assists a wide variety of clients in Erie, Warren and Crawford Counties, as well as all of northwestern Pennsylvania in both residential and commercial real estate law.

» Residential Real Estate

Attorney Williams can provide legal assistance if you are purchasing, selling, or refinancing your home. He has represented individuals and lenders in real estate transactions, and can also provide title insurance. He has acted as a real estate closing lawyer for both buyers and sellers in Erie, PA. 

Attorney Williams has also represented landlords and tenants throughout all phases from lease negotiation to eviction. Additionally, Attorney Williams can assist with filing an appeal of your property tax assessment.

» Commercial Real Estate

 Attorney Williams can assist with:

  • Purchase, sale, or lease of commercial real estate
  • Triple-net leases
  • Commercial leases
  • Contracts
  • Borrowing or lending

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